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An Epidemic of psychological complaints

We are in a hospital. Benno Fries‘ partner Mia Fries has been  an internist for about 5 years, who at the end of the year always has the insecurity that at the end of the year her contract will not be extended or that the conditions of the contract will deteriorate. She has experienced how the number of nurses in her department have been reduced by a third within these five years. Since the work has to certified,  invoiced and meticulously documented, there is less and less time left to treat the patients. She treats a patient who suffers from cardiac arrythmia.  However she explains that internal diseases such as cardiac arrythmias, high blood pressure, over active and under active thyroid (Hypo- and Hyper- thyroidism) more and more often have a psychological component to them. The psychology professor Dr.  Mattias Burisch speaks of a spiral of exhaustion. “Psychological  overloading due to factors such as work-pressure, uncertainty, worries about future and problematic interaction within the working environment has led in the past 20 years to a true “epidemic” of psychological disorders.”