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The ruinous competition of the export champions

 Just following the role model of Germany has fatal consequences. Not all can be export champions. A nation with a strong export surplus always needs other nations that import more than they export.  If France soon also terrorizes the neighboring economies with low wages (and Spain, Italy, Greece are also trying to do the same) then we all will be the losers. The wages will be lower all over, Employees all over will  lose out on rights and security.   They are all wooing the markets so that these so called investors can expect the best yields with the lowest labour costs – a competition which only delivers a progressive  impoverishment and deprivation of all EU citizens.

 But nevertheless today, pointing to the German successes, for all countries in trouble, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal there is an absolute recommendation for a deregulation of the labour market with no other options and indeed for certain countries this solution is now being forced upon them.