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A week later, in the evening at about 11 p.m. , the family Fries. Benno Fries’s partner Mia just can’t carry on any longer, She’s crying. Why have he done his doctorate when he not there for his family for most of the time and still can’t contribute in equal measure to the family budget? She has to do an unpalatable full time job at the hospital and now once again have to fight for an extension of her contract. To add to that for most of the time I have the responsibility of the children most of the time.

Niels van Quaquebeke, Professor for „Leadership and Organizational Behavior“, cautions us that it has become commonplace in our society “that economic thinking dominates even our social relationships: People are my friends who can help me to advance. What do I have to give to get how much? The economic aspects of morals are pretty much totalitarian. If you fail you fail. And if you fail you have only yourself to blame. The individual must carry the whole responsibility  for his failure. There is no ethics of failure”