Newsletter September 2017 - Marketable people in the market-oriented democracy

Marketable people in the market-oriented democracy

 The German chancellor Angela Merkel had already - in 1.09.2011 -  coined the appropriate term “market conform democracy”. An example of this is the EMA (European Medicines Agency) which is based in London and for which, because of Brexit, a new Location is being searched for. Actually it is a very important agency. Without its  approval no medicine can be sold in the EU. The EMA can also at any time revoke its approval subject to new information, and forbid the medicine. This should therefore be a strong and independent institution which protects us all from harmful medicines.

 The controller financed by those who it should control

 The real capability of the institution to protect our health can be seen from the budget it has: 300 Million Euro. Just the turnover of the pharmaceutical  company Bayer is about fifteen Billion Euro and is thus fifty time larger than this budget. Of the 300 Million Euro budget only 15% is financed by the EU, the rest of the  85% is financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Can you believe it; the controller is financed by those who it is to control. That’s like putting a fox to guard the chicken coop!

 The revolving door

 Vinzenzo Salvatore was the head of the legal department of the EMA. He then changed jobs and went to the law firm Sidley Austin, which advises companies how to circumvent the EU regualtions. Salvatore’s successor in the legal department of the EMA, Stefanio Moro, came sraight from the pharmaceutical company Sigma-Tau. The managing director of the EMA  Thomas Lönngren moved to the management of a pharmaceutical company …..

 Democracy oriented Market instead of the market oriented democracy

 The European medicines agency as a disguise for the self control of the pharmaceutical industries? An EU which allows that should not be surprised when their citizens turn away! Instead of a market oriented democracy we need a fair and  democratic market which excludes all forms of dominance of international corporations!  We call on you : help us to create the film     “MARKETABLE PEOPLE” .  It will help to increase our solidarity so that we do not sink into competition with one another  while the rich get richer.